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会話文:should've, would've, could've

以下の Matt と Tomの会話は、仕事の面接時を振り返って、Tomがもっとこうすればよかった、そうするべきだったと言っています。この会話文は発音記号で書いたものがあります。

​助動詞はいろいろな意味があってややこしいと感じる方も多いようですので、少しずつマスターしていって下さい。また、この意味を説明している「shoulda, woulda, couldaのブログ」も是非ご覧ください。

Tom: Hi, Matt! How are you?

Matt: Not too bad. Yourself?

Tom: Mustn’t grumble.

Matt: Didn’t you have a job interview last week? How did it go?

Tom: It was terrible. I don’t think I’ll get the job.

Matt: You don’t know that.

Tom: I think I do. I should’ve done more research on the company. I was so nervous as well. I could’ve done a lot better.

Matt: How many interviewers were there?

Tom: Three. And one of them was just staring at me without saying anything.

Matt: That’s a bit creepy.

Tom: I know. I probably should’ve ignored him and concentrated on the interview, but he really freaked me out.

Matt: I don’t blame you. That would really put me off.

Tom: I could’ve told him to stop staring at me. But it’s done now.

Matt: Well, they still might offer you the job.

Tom: I doubt it, mate. I’m not even sure if I wanted the job that much. I would’ve done it for the money, though.

Matt: I’m sure you’ll find something better soon.

Can and could
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