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1. 未来完了形




例1 コンサートは8時30分に始まり、会場まで最低30分かかる。今8時5分なのにまだ家を出ていない状況で:


We’re late! The concert will already have started (by the time we get there).



例2 部屋が散らかっていて片付けなきゃと思っていたら、友達から「近くにいるから、30分後くらいに遊びに行っていい?」というメッセージが届いた。そのお返事例:


My room is like a bomb’s hit it, but I’ll have tidied up by then.


…is like a bomb’s hit it: 爆弾が落ちた後のように散らかっているという表現



  • I’ll have become Mrs Johnson by this time tomorrow!

  • I’ll have done my homework by dinnertime.

  • It’s Janet and James’s wedding anniversary next week and they’ll have been married for 12 years.

  • I know you want to move in next Wednesday, but I’m afraid I won’t have finished decorating.


2. 未来完了進行形




例 ランニングをしていて、今日は1時間走ってみようとおもった。8時30分に走り始めたので:


At 9:30, I’ll have been running for an hour.



  • Sarah will have been working non-stop for 10 hours when she finishes her shift tonight.

  • By the time we get to Birmingham, I’ll have been driving for four hours.

  • By dinnertime, she’ll have been sleeping for 24 hours!!




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