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​12の時制については、Study Guideでご紹介しています。








以下の James と Pete の会話には、英語の12の時制が全て出てきます。



James:   Your round.

Pete:      You should be buying me a drink.

James:   Why’s that?

Pete:      My mum’s just won an award.

James:   Sounds like I should be buying her a round.

Pete:      No, seriously. She’s just got a lifetime achievement award.

James:   What? For bringing you up? That’s a lifetime achievement!

Pete:      Yeah, right. No, she’s done a lot of work for charities.

James:   I didn’t know that.

Pete:      Yes, she started out doing volunteer work when I left for college years ago.

      She’s been doing it since then.

James:   Who does she work for?

Pete:      For the local animal charity. She does a lot of fund raising.

      She’s even run a London Marathon for them.

              And she’s down in Cornwall at the moment.

James:   What’s she doing there?                                                                               

Pete:      You’ve heard about that terrible oil spill?

James:    Yeah. It was on the news.

Pete:      She’s helping clean up the seabirds.

              Last year this time, she was helping out at Battersea Dogs and Cats home.

James:    Sounds really interesting.

Pete:       Anyway, out of the blue, she got a call from Buckingham Palace.

James:    You’re joking.

Pete:       No. They said she had to go along and get an award from the Queen!

James:    I bet she was excited.          

Pete:       Yes. The Queen congratulated her on what she’d done and introduced her to her Corgis.

James:    I bet she won’t forget that!

Pete:      Yesterday, she was in the local paper. 

              They had an article on everything she’d been doing.

              Next week, she’ll be appearing on local TV.

              Soon she’s going to start working for the charity full time in their head office.

James:    Well, it certainly keeps her busy.

Pete:      In January, she’ll have been doing it for 15 years.

              Can you imagine what she’ll have achieved by the time she retires?

James:    Makes me feel lazy!

Pete:      Well, maybe you can exercise yourself by buying me a drink!

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