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1. LとRのMinimal pair


LとR以外のMinimal pairをご紹介しているページもございますので、是非ご利用ください。

alive arrive

belly berry

blush brush

clown crown

collect correct

flee free

flesh fresh

fly fry

glamour grammar

glass grass

glow grow

Henley Henry

jelly Jerry

lace race

lake rake

lane rain

late rate

law raw

lead read

lice rice

lid rid

lied ride

light right/write

lip rip

list rist

lack rack

lag rag

lime rhyme

load, road

lob rob

lock rock

long wrong

low row

loyal royal

pilot pirate

play pray

2. Lがいくつかある文章

Bill, please.

How old is Lisa?

What a lovely lily.

It’s eleven o’clock.

Call her and tell her.

It was absolutely silent.

I love living in London.

They’re likely to be late.

Can I have a latte, please?

I’d like to stay a bit longer.

I learned English at school.

It’s a beautiful collection of plates.

Chloe collects lipsticks and necklaces.

It plays a large part in helping people live longer.

3. Rがいくつかある文章

Roy resigned on Friday.

Can I bring my friends?

Rick wrote down the wrong address.

Frank was born on Friday, 3rd February.

I read Robinson Crusoe when I was young.

Recent research on road rage was carried out by Roger Robertson.

4. LとRがまざった文章


Red lorry, yellow lorry (blue lorry)



No problem.

I’m really sorry.

Ron felt really lonely.

Bruce likes blues music.

Liam lives in a rural area.

It was brilliantly explained.

Laura lost her grammar book.

We go to Liverpool regularly.

He’s loyal to the Royal family.

Marilyn solved all the problems.

I’m usually a very careful driver.

Romeo and Juliet is a famous play.

Move that light slightly to the right.

Has Clive replied to your letter yet?

Ross lost addresses of all his friends.

This melon is ridiculously expensive.

The seats in the first row are very low.

Daryl rarely puts pressure on his children.

I’m writing a screenplay in the living room.

The present I received was a pleasant surprise.

Lee collected the exam paper and corrected them.

Randy doesn’t share his parents’ religious beliefs.

I don’t remember Adrianne but I recognise her face.

Brian is an elected representative of the British Library.

Please reply by Friday, otherwise, you’ll lose your place.

Henry lives in Henley, but he used to live in Manly, Australia.

Rob collects records and puts them on the shelves in chronological order.

5. LとRが入った会話文

Roger: Sorry, I’m late.

Laura: It’s 11 o’clock, Roger. You’re 30-minute late!

Roger: I’m really sorry, Laura. I thought I had time to pick up my dry cleaning, but there was a long queue for some reason and …

Laura: That’s all right. You’re here now. You can buy me lunch if you like.

Roger: OK. Deal.

Laura: So, where are we going?

Roger: We’re going to the British Library. They’ve got a great collection of books and journals. You’ll love it.

Laura: Correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t they have some sound collections as well?

Roger: Oh, yes. I’ve heard they have some recordings of regional accents. Are you interested?

Laura: Actually, yes. I studied sociolinguistics at college, remember?

Roger: That’s right. You studied the Liverpool accent, didn’t you?

Laura: Yes. I wrote a thesis comparing Received Pronunciation and the Liverpool accent.

Roger: Let’s go to the language section first, shall we?

Laura: Yes, please.


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