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Phrases - Home 

homeという単語が入っている表現と例文をいくつかご紹介します。'An Englishman’s home is his castle.'というタイトルの英語のブログもあるので、そちらもあわせてご覧ください。


go home

get home

head home

I'm going home now. Bye!


I want to get home by 8 to watch my favourite programme.


Let’s head home now, before it starts raining.



take a taxi home

walk home

walk … home

see ... home

send ... home

on the way home

It’s best to take a taxi home late at night.


It was a beautiful sunny day, so I decided to walk home.


Eric was kind enough to walk me home after the party.


Eric was kind enough to see me home after the party.


Helen was sick so her boss sent her home.


I’ll grab a bottle of wine on the way home.



at home

from home

Jim was at home when I called him.


On Fridays, I can work from home.



home from home

away from home

leave home

When I come to London, I always stay in this particular hotel. It’s like a home from home.


  アメリカ英語では home away from homeという

My job takes me away from home a lot.


He left home at the age of 18 to go to university.



ideal home

holiday home

My ideal home would be by the seaside.


They spend the summer in their holiday home in St Ives.



home cooking

Home cooking always tastes better. 



We had homemade soup for lunch.

     食べ物以外もhomemadeできます 例:homemade shampoo


I used homegrown vegetables for soup.

     食べ物以外も使えます 例:a homegrown pop star


home delivery

Amazon specialises in home delivery.


home town

She lives in London, but her home town is Sheffield.


home cooking

Home cooking always tastes better. 



We created a simple homepage on our website.


 (アドレスが.com,, co.ukなどで終わっている)

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