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Phrasal verbs: Should I take it back?


以下の会話文の太字の部分がPhrasal verbsです。ご存知なもの多いと思いますが、意味は知っていても、自分でサラッと使えるかを考えてみて下さい。サラッと使えないもので、使えると便利だと思うものは、音読を繰り返したり、一日に何度かその文章を発音したりしてください。





Should I take it back?

Matt  Dinner’s ready!

Sarah I’m coming in a minute. I just want to sort this out.

Matt    Come on.

Sarah   In a minute.


Matt’s going into the bedroom where Sarah is.


Matt    What are you doing? Do you want any help?

Sarah   Do you think this top goes with this skirt?

Matt    You don’t need to dress up for dinner at home, sweetheart.

Sarah   No, no. I’m trying to figure out what to wear for the reunion.

Matt    Isn't that next week? You can do it later. Dinner’s getting cold.

Sarah   It won’t take long. So what do you think?

Matt    You look perfect.

Sarah   You’re just saying that.

Matt    No, I’m not.

Sarah   Oh, no! A button’s just come off. I bought this today. Do you think I should take it back?

Matt    You can sew the button back on, can’t you?

Sarah   I guess. Do you think it’s too long, though?

Matt    No. You look good in it. But take it off for now. You don’t want to spoil it while you’re eating. 

Sarah   Do you think they can take it up a bit? Or shall I just return it?

Matt    It’s fine as it is. It’s just the right length to show off your new tattoo on your ankle. Come on. Let’s have dinner. I made you your favourite.

Sarah   OK. But I’m after an elegant look. Maybe I should wear this maxi skirt instead and I’ll return this one? I can get my money back, can’t I?

Matt    You don’t really like the skirt, do you?

Sarah   Not really. I was thinking about the reunion and I saw it in the window and I thought it was perfect. But I guess it was an impulse buy, really.

Matt    Don’t worry. You should be able to return it. I’ll come to the shop with you, if you want.

Sarah   Thank you, Matt.

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