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Weak formの練習 : to

to the pub
to the park
to the station
to work
to ask
to leave
to answer
to make
to remember
to believe
to think 
to find
to open 
to act
to come 
to avoid
a lot to offer
how to pay
somewhere to go
something to drink 
something to eat
to get to the end
place to stay
to be contin
to be decided
to be great
to them 
to me
to us
to you
to her

サンプル音声:to -
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​can, and, but

​I can do it.
You can do it. 
He can do it.
She can
do it. 
We can do it. 
We can do it.
Andy can do it. 
Can you do it?
I can understand.
fish and chips
ladies and gentlemen
black and white
husband and wife
brothers and sister

... and I was fine
... and he was there
videos and fridges
two and a half
Ann and Andy
give and take
come and go
... but it was fine
... but you can
... but it was great
... but they're nice
... but i wasn't ready
Sorry but...
I had no choice but...
nothing but the truth
all but over
all but one
everyone but me
naughty but nice

サンプル音声 -
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​for a while
for a few days
for a week
for a month

for a year
for three weeks
for the next three days
for decades
for almost an hour
for the last few days
for example
for instance
for our company
for the kitchen
for my office
for your benefit
for your house
for our health
for the moment
for your information
for his dog
for a swim
for a walk
for the first time
for no reason
for some reason
for that reason
food for thought
something for everyone
good for you 
good for them
not for us
not for me

サンプル音声:for -
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​of & or

​one of them
one of us
one of those
one of these
two of you
all of you
all of us
all of them 
coming of age
point of view
the end of it
change of mind
kind of cute

sort of thing
one of a kind
one of the lads
end of the line
a pair of glasses
the love o my life
cup of tea
piece of cake
or else
or otherwise
left or right 
win or lose
more or less
one or two
something or other 
all or nothing
... or something
believe it or not
Take it or leave it.
Use it or lose it.


サンプル音声:of, or -
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