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​前置詞 in/on/at - 場所を表すパート1

In : 中にいる/ある状態



I'm in my bedroom.

What’s in the box.

Tom is in the car.

I need to put some air in the tyres.



Kate is in the garden.

I’m in London.

Sam is in the park.



We saw a lot of fish in the river.

I can see so many stars in the sky.

Look at those colourful birds in the air.



On : くっついている

Don’t sit on the ground, it’s wet.

There’s a lot of food on the plate.

I put the book back on the shelf.

Tim hung his favourite pictures on the wall.

There’s a spider on the ceiling.

Don’t forget to put a stamp on the envelope.



At : ある場所、そのあたり

I’m at my desk.

Somebody’s at the door.

Carol is standing at the window.

They sat down at the top of the hill.





I’m sitting on the desk. 机の上に座っている

I’m sitting at the desk. 机とセットになっているイスに座っている


I’m sitting on the chair. 

I’m sitting in the chair.




I’ve put a stamp on the envelope. 封筒に切手を貼った

I’ve put a stamp in the envelope. 封筒に切手を入れた

I’m standing at the corner. 歩道や道路など平たんな所の角に立っている

I’m standing in the corner.  部屋の中の角など、囲まれている感じの角に立っている

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