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Phrasal verbs: What is the world coming to?


以下の会話文の太字の部分がPhrasal verbsです。タイトルのcoming toは、状況が少しずつ変わって悪くなり、今の状態になったという意味で。What is the world coming to?という言い方はよく聞きます。「悪い(ひどい)状態になっちゃったね」という感じのニュアンスです。


会話文内のPhrasal verbsは、意味は知っていても、自分でサラッと使えるかを考えてみて下さい。サラッと使えないもので、使えると便利だと思うものは、音読を繰り返したり、一日に何度かその文章を発音するなどして練習してください。




Wha is the world coming to?

Chloe:  Cheers!

Anna: Cheers, Chloe! So how’s life treating you?

Chloe: Well, things are very difficult now this virus is going round. I haven’t had much work since March.

Anna: Can you claim the grant for the self-employed?

Chloe: Yes, I can. But the amount you get is based on the last two years’ income and I had almost eight-months’ off when I had Megan last year, so my income was a lot lower than usual. I was just starting to pick up the pieces and then the lockdown started.

Anna: Oh, no. Not very good timing, is it?

Chloe: No, not at all. At least, Simon’s still holding on to his job so we’re okay for the time being, but we don’t know what’ll happen in the future.

Anna: Tom got laid off from his job last week.

Chloe: Did he? Oh, I’m sorry. You’re still working though, are you?

Anna: Not at the moment. I took up a new job at a bank in February, but they closed the branch I was working at right after the lockdown started.

Chloe: It’s terrible what people are going through.

Anna: The government’s been pretty slow. They’ve really let us down, haven’t they?

Chloe: I used to like Boris Johnson, but I’ve been put off by some of the things he’s done.

Anna: I don’t like Boris Johnson, full stop. He hasn’t done much to help out the care workers. But we can only hope for the best, don’t you think?

Chloe: Yep. That’s always a good plan.

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