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Phrasal verbs: The Christmas tree


以下の会話文の太字の部分がPhrasal verbsです。12月らしくクリスマス・ツリーを話題にしました。squeeze throughとtrip overはPhrasal verbsではありませんが、Phrasal verbsとかたちが似ているので、太字にしました。


The Christmas tree


Jane What’re you doing?

Matt Oh, hi Jane.

Jane Why are you putting up the Christmas tree in the kitchen?

Matt Well, you know they’re doing up the reception area and there’s no space for the tree there this year. And the only other place everyone uses is the kitchen. So here it is!

Jane Don’t you think it’s taking up too much space?

Matt Maybe. It does become crowded at the lunchtime here, doesn’t it?

Jane I can’t even get to the fridge now with the tree standing there.

Matt You can squeeze through the gap here, can’t you?

Jane Yeah, but you could trip over that cable.

Matt No, that’s not great, is it?

Jane How about moving the tree next to the meeting room?

Matt That could work! Why didn’t I think of that?

Jane I’ll give you a hand.

Matt Thanks.

Jane Do these branches come off?

Matt   Yep.

Jane Sorry. I know you’ve just put it all together.

Matt No worries. I prefer doing this to writing up a monthly report.

Jane Oh, I get it. You’re doing this to put off writing your report, aren’t you?

Matt You just see right through me, don’t you?

Jane I know you well enough. I’ve been working with you for the last five years.

Matt Don’t tell my boss. I don’t want to be told off.

Jane You’d better buy me a drink then.

Matt Deal.

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