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Phrasal verbs: New Year's Resolutions


以下の会話文の太字の部分がPhrasal verbsです。クリスマス・ツリーを片付けて、今年の抱負についての会話です。2020年はCovidの影響で年末年始の行動も制限されましたが、それなりにホリデーを楽しんだ人も多いようです。


New Year's Resolutions

Matt Hi, Jane. Happy New Year. How was your holiday?

Jane Happy New Year, Matt. It was good. It wasn't the same, of course, but we tried to make the most of it. We had Christmas dinner in the garden. 

Matt In the garden?

Jane Yeah. We didn't want to risk anything, so we set up a table, wrapped ourselves up in a blanket and ate Christmas dinner. 

Matt That sounds cool, actually. 

Jane It was. How about you? Did you go back to York?

Matt Nah. I decided to be sensible for once and stayed home with Tracy. 

Jane Good for you. 

Matt So, I was going to ask you. Do you know when you take down your Christmas tree?

Jane I think it should stay up until the Twelfth Night. So it can be either 5th or 6th of January. 

Matt Ok. I'll do that tomorrow then. 

Jane Have you made any New Year's resolutions?

Matt Yeah, I'm taking up the guitar. 

Jane I'm impressed. I haven't made any - I never stick to them anyway. 

Matt I thought you were taking up the drums, weren't you?

Jane Yeah, I always wanted to play a musical instrument, but having to practice a lot really puts me off

Matt Tell me about it. I love playing the guitar, but I could do without practicing. Thing is, if you don't practice, you'll go nowhere. 

Jane Well if you start practicing guitar, I promise I'll start practicing drums. 

Matt You can count on me.  Perhaps we could start up a band?

Jane That sounds exciting. 

Mat  Good. That's our New Year's resolutions sorted, then!

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