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Connected speech/Weak formの練習 

Tell her.
Try again.
Last year. 
This year. 
Not at all.

I'd do that. 
love to.
I've no idea.
It's all o
I asked Bob.
I asked Owen. 
We're all here. 
Don't go away!
Can you see it?
Just act normal.
I need your help. 
I'd've loved that. 
Hold on a second. 
That's even better. 

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​Of course, you can.
It was a great party. 
I felt able to do that. 
He just kept talking. 
My glass is half full. 

Why's he doing that?
She lives on her own. 
I was about to go out. 
Get your act together. 
He's in a good mood. 
I ate an egg sandwich. 
Can I have a look at it?
I'm interested in old cars. 
We ought to book a table. 
That would've been
I'm in the mood for a pint. 
Peter and Andy are honest. 
Could you get some milk?
Have you found your key?
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​They'll've arrived by then. 
We've run out of olive oil. 
I got up at eleven o'clock. 
They'll be half an hour late. 
Can I make an appointment?
It occurred to me to do that. 
I put it all in an old envelope. 
I'm seeing Andy on Monday. 
You should've asked someone. 
I absolutely must post this today. 
Do you mind meeting me there?
I wouldn't've minded doing that. 
What's been going on in your life?
I work for an electronics company. 
I went in the water and had a swim. 
He shouldn't've left her on her own.
I might spend an extra day in Auckland. 
Is there an underground station near here?
Would it be better if we came a bit earlier?

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