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以下の Matt と Rachel, Sandyの会話は、Mattが携帯のアプリを使って振込をしようとして上手くいかなかったので、カスタマー・サービスに電話をしていることを想定しています。Mattの住所は、32 Victoria Avenue, N15 3SZで、’n for November’という言い方をしています。



Rachel: Good morning, Rachel speaking, how can I help?

Matt:  Hello. I tried to transfer some money on my mobile, but it didn’t seem to work.

Rachel: Okay. I can help you with the transfer now on the phone, or I could transfer you to our technical team to sort out the app?

Matt:  If you could sort out the transfer for me, that would be great, but I want to talk to the technical team as well if I can.

Rachel: No problem. Let me help you with the money transfer first.  Could you give me the first line of your address and the post code, please?

Matt:  Sorry, the connection’s not great. Could you say that again?           

Rachel: Of course. Can you hear me now?

Matt:  Yes, that’s better.

Rachel: Could you give me the first line of your address and the post code, please?

Matt:  32 Victoria Avenue, n for November 15 3 sugar, zulu.

Rachel: Excellent. And your name?

Matt:  Matt Stephens.

Rachel: And your date of birth, please.

Matt:  15 August 1989.

Rachel: Could you give me the first and the fifth letters of your password?

Matt:  Let’s see if I can remember. I think it's l and p.

Rachel: Lovely. So have you got details for the money transfer?

Matt:  Yes, it should be here somewhere. Hold on, please.

Rachel: Sure.

Matt:  Sorry. I can’t find it. You can’t help me with the money transfer without the details, can you?

Rachel: I’m afraid not.

Matt:  Well then, can I sort out the app first?

Rachel: Of course you can. Is there anything else I can do for you before transferring you to our technical team?

Matt:  I don’t think so. Thanks.

Rachel: You’re welcome. It won’t be long.


Sandy: Hello, Sandy speaking, how can I help?

Matt:  I was wondering if you could help me with my app. It keeps shutting itself down. I tried turning the phone on and off, but it didn’t work.

Sandy: OK. It could be that the app is an old version. Have you updated your app recently?

Matt:  No, I don’t think so.

Sandy: We had an update last week, so it could be the cause.

Matt:  Do you think I can update the app while I’m on the phone.

Sandy: Yes, you should be able to do that.

Matt:  Can I try that now?

Sandy: I don’t see why not. You may want to check the battery level, if you can.

Matt:  Oh yes, my battery’s a bit low. I’ll charge it and call you back later.

Sandy: OK. Is there anything else I can do for you today?

Matt:  No, that’s it. Thank you very much.

Sandy: You’re welcome. Have a lovely afternoon.

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