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会話文:can, could

以下の Matt と Sarah の会話には、can, could, can't, couldn'tが何度か出てきます。

発音方法と、それぞれのcan, couldなどの意味を意識して音読してみてください。

Sarah:   Matt, could you come here for a second?

Matt:     Yeah, what is it?

Sarah:   Can you see that little bird in the garden?

Matt:     Where?

Sarah:   In that tree, near the top.

Matt:     Oh, yeah. I can see it.

Sarah:   I couldn’t tell what it was, but I think it’s a wren, isn’t it?

Matt:     I can’t really see it very well. It’s tiny. Let me get my binoculars.


Matt:    (Looking through binoculars) That’s better. I can see it now.

            Mm, it could be a baby robin. It’s got a slightly orange belly, hasn’t it?

Sarah:  It could be. I’m not sure if I can see any orange, though.

Matt:     I wish my nan was here. She could easily tell what it is.

Sarah:   Yeah, she knows all the birds, doesn’t she?

Matt:     I can take a photo and send it to her, can’t I?

Sarah:   That’s a good idea. Hurry, it could fly away any minute.

Matt:     I’ve got it.

Sarah:   Oh, that’s a good photo! You could be a photographer!

Matt:     I’m not that good!

Sarah:   Do you think she can identify it?

Matt:     Probably. I’ll send it to her.

Sarah:   And send my regards to her, will you?

Matt:     Sure.


Three minutes later (after Matt’s nan replied) …

Matt:    You were right. She’s quite sure it’s a wren.

Sarah:   It’s so cute, isn’t it? I could watch it all day.

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