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Updated: Oct 19, 2023



1. FとV


Have fun!

B and v are very different.

I believe in freedom of speech.

I feel hot. I might have a fever.

Jennifer likes berries very much.

Fiona follows Fred on Facebook.

I’ll offer you £55 for the vacuum.

I drove to Denver from Las Vegas.

Foals is one of my favourite bands.

I bet the vet can help the injured fox.

This is the best vest I’ve ever owned.

I’ve been to France a few times before.

Vans are banned from entering the field.

Victor was very heavy when he was five.

Sofia gave a fantastic speech at the V&A.

I used to live in Liverpool with my family.

Ivy put a vase of flowers in the front room.

Vince fixed the roof, which was falling apart.

Forest didn’t have a valid visa to fly to Finland.

Frank was five when he moved from Florida to Vancouver.

Are you going to give Tiffany some flowers on Valentine’s Day?

Alf gave me valuable advice when I was in a vulnerable position.

Becky and Vicky enjoyed their visit to the funfair in Fulham Road.

Jeff didn’t even have a vague idea of what’s been happening in Venice.

Victoria had fun talking to Rufus after the music festival in Finsbury Park.

2. TH sound

TH(θ, ð)も日本語にないだけではなく、ネイティヴでも地域によってはθをt、f, ðをdやvで発音する場合もありますので、聞いていても混乱するかもしれません。THの音が複数入った文章を作りましたので、この機会にしっかり練習してみてください。

That’s another story.

That’ll be £33, please.

The mouse opened its mouth.

Thumbs up for the great effort.

What on earth were you thinking?

Thank you for telling me the truth.

They can’t live without each other.

Timothy’s birthday is next Thursday.

Catherine enjoyed sunbathing in Perth.

I thought it was a sought-after product.

The thundery weather scared Matthew.

This is the right length, but a bit too thin.

Ruth threw out everything in the bathroom.

Keith was tapping his thumb to the rhythm.

I think that was the worst sore throat I’ve had.

The view from the hotel room was breathtaking.

It seems the theme of the play is rather theological.

That was the most thrilling thirty minutes of my life.

Seth wasn’t bothered about which method they used.

The shop that sells shoes and clothing is closing next month.

Thelma bought a toothbrush, tablecloth and some mouthwash.

They were happy that things went smoothly throughout the day.

Thousands of people gathered in Bath to promote healthy eating.

My mother and brother came to visit me from Athens last month.

Both Mr Smith and Ethan were greeted by enthusiastic applause.

Beth and I went to school together but we had nothing in common.

They’re rather wealthy: they’re both worth more than three million.






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